CCC Engineering LTD (Hereinafter called “CCCE”) grows out of the Engineering Department of China National Electric Wire & Cable Imp./Exp. Corporation (Hereinafter called “CCC”), which was in charge of all the CCC international projects development and implementation. To meet the new challenges of global EPC markets and the need of its own development, CCC Engineering LTD was registered in Beijing in the year of 2000.   CCCE focuses on the international power and communication turnkey projects contracting, and also engages in the importation and exportation of machinery, electric equipment and telecommunication product. CCCE also provides services of management, survey, design, procurement, construction, installation, consultation for the domestic and international turnkey projects. Its business scope covers the fields of projects contracting, importation and exportation, consultation, design and so on.Since 2007, CCCE has entered into a dramatic growth stage, especially in EPC contracting business. In order to break through the bottle neck of development, CCCE invited Jiangsu Etern Company Limited (Hereinafter called” ETERN”) as a strategic investor to invest in the company. Taking this opportunity, CCCE has successfully spread its business from the field of power transmission and distribution into new areas, including power plant construction, telecommunication, and natural resource and so on.    In the past ten years, with the efforts of all the staff CCCE has carried out dozens of projects throughout Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa. All these projects have been successfully completed on schedule with excellent quality, and these projects have earned a good reputation for CCCE. During the implementation of these projects, CCCE has already built a professional team proficient in commercial, legal, technical and management affairs, and gained rich experience of project planning, evaluation, financing and management as well as after-sale services. Meanwhile, CCCE has established long-term cooperation relationships with many famous designing institutes as well as many reliable and qualified suppliers home and abroad.    In the future, on the basis of its diligent talents, adequate executing capability, rich experience and good reputation, CCCE strives to build its Own Brand—“CCCE” in the international project contracting field, and sincerely hopes to cooperate with all friends in various forms, and create an illustrious future together.    北京中缆通达电气成套有限公司(以下简称成套公司)的前身是中国电线电缆进出口有限公司(以下简称电缆公司)成套部,负责电缆公司对外承包项目的开发和执行。为了应对新世纪的全球EPC市场的全新挑战,同时也是业务拓展和自身发展的需要,成套部于2000年在北京注册成立了北京中缆通达电气成套有限公司。    公司以成套机电设备为载体的国内外大型工程承包为主体业务,同时经营以机电产品进出口为重点业务的国内外贸易,以及国内外建设工程的可行性研究,技术咨询,勘察设计,工程施工监理及项目管理,服务覆盖到国际工程承包,红足1世官网,进出口,咨询,设计等多个领域。    从2007年开始,为了进一步拓展业务领域,应对公司业务井喷的压力,公司引入战略投资人江苏永鼎股份有限公司。借此契机,将公司的业务从输配电领域延伸到发电,通讯,能源等其他领域。    经过10年来全公司员工的兢兢业业的经营,公司业务遍及东南亚,中东和非洲,执行了数十个工程项目;所有的项目均保质保量如期完成,得到了业主的一致好评。在此过程中,成套公司培养了一支精通商务,法律,技术,管理的专业化队伍;从项目策划,项目评估,项目融资,施工管理到售后服务等方面累计了丰富的经验,并与国内外知名的设计院,品牌设备商建立了长期的良好合作关系。    展望未来,成套公司将凭借优秀的人才,充分的执行实力,良好的信誉和业绩,致力于在国际工程承包领域打造出自有品牌—“CCCE”,并竭诚与各界朋友开展多种形式的合作,携手共进,共创美好未来。北京总公司地址:北京市朝阳区西大望路63号阳光财富大厦7号楼806室上海分公司地址:上海市普陀区祁连山南路1988号嘉龙大厦A座14楼1415 - 1428室